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IDR 15.000.000/人






  • 价格是每人。价格在印度尼西亚盾(IDR),包括10%的政府税
  • 对于共享基础,请与我们联系讨论是否可能有其他乘客在您要求的航班上旅行。
  • 至少有4名乘客确认接送。
  • 吉利群岛转移只仅在白天时间运行。
  • 直升机航班上的乘客容量允许1-5。对于6名以上乘客请与我们联系,讨论您的具体要求。
  • 登陆费可适用于各种私人拥有的地点。
  • 过夜可根据要求提供
  • 所有航班都有可用性,确认乘客重量,天气和空中交通管制。
  • 请参阅我们的政策的更多细节。


Luggage Restrictions

Aircraft weight and balance requirements are strictly adhered to according to Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority regulations; this is for passenger safety and will under no circumstances be compromised. Air Bali Helicopter is not authorized to carry dangerous goods. All passengers and bags will be weighed prior to boarding the aircraft. Excess luggage may be stored at Air Bali Helicopter facilities free of charge.

  • The total payload available when chartering the helicopter is a combination of passengers, baggage and cargo expressed as the total payload available in kilograms.

  • Luggage sizes are based upon 55cmx40cmx20cm dimensions and max 23kg per piece.
    Larger items must be arranged with Air Bali Helicopter prior to the flight.

  • Maximum weight allowable for passengers and baggage is 380kg.


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